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On My Mind This Week: Hurricane Sandy

By Bob Meadows

Sandy was anything but Summer Lovin’

  • Sandy hit us so bad on the East Coast it’s as if she was taking revenge on Hurricane Danny Zuko for breaking her heart.
  • I’m a New Yorker. When I saw the photos of deserted Manhattan streets, I had one thought: Evil Christmas. That’s the only day of the year people aren’t out and about.
  • I don’t remember who said it, but some newsman pegged it right when he said the fire that burned more than 100 homes in Queens left the neighborhood looking like Dresden after the bombing. Was hard to believe that was in America.
  • My Brooklyn neighborhood had some downed trees, but it didn’t really even rain that hard here, thank goodness.
  • President Obama toured Jersey with Chris Christie on Wednesday, looking at the terrible damage Sandy caused. Christie gave him props, thanking Obama for his caring. I’m sure that goodwill won’t last because politics trumps all. Welcome to America.
  • Miguel Cabrera had such a bad World Series, it made me think he’s Detroit’s A-Rod. Geez, what happened to his bat?
  • The Lakers start out 0-1, losing by eight. Big offseason pickup Dwight Howard went for 19 and 10, but missed 11 free throws. My thought, watching him at the free throw line: Andrew Bynum would’ve made most of those. But I can’t lie: The Lakers and Bynum needed a divorce.
  • D.L. Hughley discussing black women on NPR: “I’ve never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry just in general. Angry all the time.” A funny retort I read went something like this: You know who’s really angry? A comedian doing standup during pilot season.
  • Yo, people giving heat to Stacey Dash for supporting Mitt Romney: Chill. Y’all acting like she owes you money or something.

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