Eight Signs You’re In a Relationship With a Photographer

Angie in blacknwhite 

  • Guests will be arriving within the hour, and there are many more party preparations to make, but she’s found time to take endless ‘detail’ photos of things no one but she notices
  • If you are in a snowstorm with a screaming toddler desperate to get home she will still stop to take dozens of photos of something that caught her eye
  • Your offer of “Let me take pictures of you naked” is met with “No, let me take pictures of you naked,” and then it’s time to put up or shut up
  • The pictures she takes with your camera will make you embarrassed to take photos with your camera
  • Phrases like ‘aperture size’ and ‘ISO speed’ begin to sound oddly sexy
  • As you’re getting the little one and yourself ready for a family outing, you find her laying in the hallway–not ready to go–taking picture of a toy because ooh, the light
  • She’s taking a picture of you right now
  • You have the best-looking headshot on LinkedIn because you had 107 to choose from


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