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What’s On My Mind This Week: Sandy Hook

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  • The son of a friend lost his godbrother in the shooting. The little boy, Ben Wheeler, was 6. I’ve heard people blame media coverage, the proliferation of guns, mental illness and a lack of Jesus for the shooting. I don’t blame any of them. Almost no mentally ill people go on rampages like this. Almost no people who own guns go on rampages like this. Almost no people who don’t have Jesus in their lives go on rampages like this. Almost no people who seek media coverage go on rampages like this. I blame the murderer. I hope his name is soon forgotten. My wish, like yours, I’m sure, is that the first person he aimed his weapon at had been himself.
  • Gotta hand it to the New York Times. Their piece on what first-graders are like made the tragedy even more tragic. Take a read.
  • President Obama made two powerful, emotional speeches. And now it seems, controlling gun violence means something to him. Now…that…the…campaign…is…over.
  • Can anything be done to stop such violence? I’m not a fatalist, but I recognize that violence has always been a part of human existence. One thing that’s nice is we are so far removed from the next election cycle that the Republicans and Democrats might actually follow through with some type of legislation that does something. What, I have no idea. But I do like these suggestions from writer Anil Dash, whose first instruction is Stop. Don’t race to the bottom of the screen to leave a comment repeating the same statements you’ve made after every such shooting in your life. Exactly.
  • I wasn’t surprised how quickly the gun control argument began after the shooting. There are already lots of gun laws in place. The murderer ignored them. But the other side says if guns are illegal, then only criminals will have them. Good, I say: then the cops will know exactly who to shoot.
  • Nerds like me are a little sad about December 21. For decades, I’ve read the Mayans predicted the world would end on this date. For decades, I’ve anticipated what will happen. But now, grown-up me knows exactly what will happen that night: One minute after 11:59 p.m., December 22 will arrive.
  • A joy of living in New York is when the Giants lose and the fans and media debate anew whether Eli Manning is an elite quarterback. He’s not. He’s not an all-time great and no amount of Super Bowl wins will change that. But saying Eli is not in the ranks of Joe Montana or John Elway or, hell, Otto Graham, is not an insult. He’s a good quarterback who can do enough much of the time to lead his team to victory. If this makes Giants fans feel any better, Eli is better than Matthew Stafford.

–Bob Meadows

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