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Eight Signs You’re In a Relationship With a Photographer

  Guests will be arriving within the hour, and there are many more party preparations to make, but she’s found time to take endless ‘detail’ photos of things no one but she notices If you are in a snowstorm with a screaming toddler desperate to get home she will still stop to take dozens of … Continue reading

Basketball Wasn’t Better Back In The Day

By Bob Meadows Michael would not want any of this I saw an interview with Larry Bird the other day. I hated Bird when he was playing (Go Lakers) but I certainly respect him now and he was one bad dude back in the day. But he repeated a line that I am sick of … Continue reading

What’s On My Mind This Week: Sandy Hook

The son of a friend lost his godbrother in the shooting. The little boy, Ben Wheeler, was 6. I’ve heard people blame media coverage, the proliferation of guns, mental illness and a lack of Jesus for the shooting. I don’t blame any of them. Almost no mentally ill people go on rampages like this. Almost no … Continue reading

Don’t Eat Daddy’s Hair and Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say

By Bob Meadows Seriously, do I really have to tell him to not eat my hair? My son is only nine months old. He doesn’t speak English. But he understands a few words so long as they’re accompanied by big gestures. “Yay!” with a big smile and clapping means happiness of some sort. “Finished” spoken … Continue reading

On My Mind This Week: Hurricane Sandy

By Bob Meadows Sandy was anything but Summer Lovin’ Sandy hit us so bad on the East Coast it’s as if she was taking revenge on Hurricane Danny Zuko for breaking her heart. I’m a New Yorker. When I saw the photos of deserted Manhattan streets, I had one thought: Evil Christmas. That’s the only … Continue reading

Holding Onto My Boy

By Bob Meadows I won’t let him fall His name was Delric Miller. He was killed in February. He was 9 months old. Amid the hoopla that surrounded the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Delric’s death was lost. But let’s face it, even had Trayvon not been gunned down by a white man, George Zimmerman, … Continue reading

Obama and Romney: Why Are They Still Campaigning?

By Xavier Muhammad Only one more to go…thank God Admit it: You’ve made up your mind. You probably did it in 2008, as soon as Obama won. Or 2009, when he signed Lilly Ledbetter. Or 2010 when Healthcare passed. Or 2011, when bin Laden ate those bullets. Or 2012, when Mitt got the GOP nod. … Continue reading

Walking Dead‘s T-Dog: We Hardly Know You

By Craig Bates This says it all Walking Dead has been on how long, two seasons, right? The season debut of Season 3 is tonight. And T-Dog, played by IronE Singleton, has been around since the first episodes. OK, what does he do except get hurt or look on while Rick does something crazy? He’s … Continue reading

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