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On My Mind This Week: Hurricane Sandy

By Bob Meadows Sandy was anything but Summer Lovin’ Sandy hit us so bad on the East Coast it’s as if she was taking revenge on Hurricane Danny Zuko for breaking her heart. I’m a New Yorker. When I saw the photos of deserted Manhattan streets, I had one thought: Evil Christmas. That’s the only … Continue reading

Lakers vs Yankees: Who’s Better?

By Bob Meadows Who’s more dominant, Pinstripes or Purple Rain? What’s on my mind this week is something different than the usual stream of thoughts I list. At some point last basketball season, I was telling a buddy of mine that I was upset the Lakers weren’t in the hunt for the title. He had … Continue reading

Kobe Bryant Admits He’s No Michael Jordan

By Bob Meadows Kobe proves once more that he can’t live up to MJ (LOS ANGELES) Kobe Bryant stood before the podium this morning, at a loss for words. It was an uncharacteristic sight—the Laker guard is always good for a quote. But he never regained his composure, and only spoke afterward in an exclusive … Continue reading

Black is Bad? That’s So Gay

By Shawna Collier September 11, 2001 was a black day in America. Bad students get black marks beside their names. Black, defined in the dictionary: evil, wicked, depressing, cheerless. I am black. And no one seems to care. At a recent dinner party I attended, the host told a hilarious story about her  brother that … Continue reading

Tiger Woods Got Off Easy, Say Other Whipped Husbands

By Bill Matthews Elin is much stronger than she looks, says her husband (WINDEMERE, FLA) Days after Tiger Woods’ wife smashed his back window with a golf club, Lionel Ritchie can’t help but laugh. “His wife smacked him around a bit, and used a 3 wood on his car? That ain’t nothin,” Ritchie told The … Continue reading

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