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On My Mind This Week: Hurricane Sandy

By Bob Meadows Sandy was anything but Summer Lovin’ Sandy hit us so bad on the East Coast it’s as if she was taking revenge on Hurricane Danny Zuko for breaking her heart. I’m a New Yorker. When I saw the photos of deserted Manhattan streets, I had one thought: Evil Christmas. That’s the only … Continue reading

Obama and Romney: Why Are They Still Campaigning?

By Xavier Muhammad Only one more to go…thank God Admit it: You’ve made up your mind. You probably did it in 2008, as soon as Obama won. Or 2009, when he signed Lilly Ledbetter. Or 2010 when Healthcare passed. Or 2011, when bin Laden ate those bullets. Or 2012, when Mitt got the GOP nod. … Continue reading

On My Mind This Week

By Bob Meadows Artur n Play I don’t remember a word Artur Davis said during his speech at the Republican National Convention. The whole time he was onstage, these lyrics kept going through my mind: Rollin’ rollin’ roll with Kid n Play now. I’ve seen young cats with the fade, but why is a brother … Continue reading

A Black Guy Could Be President?

By Bob Meadows Not presidential? Here’s a graph from the Huffington Post recently: At roughly noon on Tuesday, shortly after Gov. Rick Perry unveiled the tax policy platform for his presidential campaign, President Obama’s reelection team offered a response. The Texas Republican and top challenger to Mitt Romney wanted to “shift a greater share of … Continue reading

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