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Don’t Eat Daddy’s Hair and Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say

By Bob Meadows Seriously, do I really have to tell him to not eat my hair? My son is only nine months old. He doesn’t speak English. But he understands a few words so long as they’re accompanied by big gestures. “Yay!” with a big smile and clapping means happiness of some sort. “Finished” spoken … Continue reading

The Nets’ Offer to LeBron: Beyonce

By Bill Matthews Everyone was all smiles after the wife-for-play deal was signed In a stunning move, Jay-Z has offered his wife, who he once called ‘The Hottest Chick in the Game’ to his friend, LeBron James, to lure the basketball star to the New Jersey Nets. “What else could the Nets offer? We play … Continue reading

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