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Huxtable Shocker: Sandra and Denise Aren’t Cliff’s

By Xavier Muhammad The Huxtable marriage crumbled after Cliff (center) realized daughters Denise (far left) and Sandra (far right) weren’t his. (BROOKLYN) She was an inspiration to working mothers everywhere, expertly juggling her husband and five children even as her career flourished. But in her new autobiography, powerhouse attorney Claire Hanks reveals there was someone … Continue reading

Michael Jackson To Enter Teen Years

By Shawna Collier The King of Pop says it’s time for him to grow up. (LAS VEGAS) Michael Jackson has decided he’s finally done with childhood. Since he turned 20 in 1978, Jackson, who rose to fame as the pre-teen lead singer of the Jackson Five and rocketed to unprecedented solo stardom, has incessantly whined … Continue reading

We Know What He’s Sayin’: Rapper Sets Verbal Record

By Xavier Muhammad Rapper Charles “C-Dogg” Turner knows what he’s sayin’ (ATLANTA) Rapper Charles “C-Dogg” Turner broke his own record last night by saying ‘you know’ and ‘know what I’m sayin?’ 232 times in a 25-minute interview. Even he was impressed with his repetitive verbiage. “I didn’t even, you know, you know, know I was … Continue reading

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