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Walking Dead‘s T-Dog: We Hardly Know You

By Craig Bates This says it all Walking Dead has been on how long, two seasons, right? The season debut of Season 3 is tonight. And T-Dog, played by IronE Singleton, has been around since the first episodes. OK, what does he do except get hurt or look on while Rick does something crazy? He’s … Continue reading

Black Charlie’s Angel Prepares For Third Banana Role

By Bob Meadows Charlie’s Angels stars Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly, and the black one. (HOLLYWOOD) She’s got a big smile, long legs, curly hair and a spot on a primetime network show, but unfortunately for the black girl on Charlie’s Angels, she’s paired with two white girls. While Rachael Taylor and Minka Kelly will undoubtedly … Continue reading

Huxtable Shocker: Sandra and Denise Aren’t Cliff’s

By Xavier Muhammad The Huxtable marriage crumbled after Cliff (center) realized daughters Denise (far left) and Sandra (far right) weren’t his. (BROOKLYN) She was an inspiration to working mothers everywhere, expertly juggling her husband and five children even as her career flourished. But in her new autobiography, powerhouse attorney Claire Hanks reveals there was someone … Continue reading

Jermaine Jackson’s Hair Comes to Life

By Bill Matthews To no one’s surprise, Jackson’s hairdo turned out to be an alien symbiote living on his head (ENCINO, CA) After Sunday night’s premiere of The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, Jermaine Jackson’s hair suddenly hopped off the singer’s head and ran out of his Encino mansion. Jackson’s hair, which for years has prompted … Continue reading

Whitley and Dwayne Still Not Legally Married

By Shawna Collier Still in love, but still not legal (ATLANTA) They’ve been together 17 years, but Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert never got around to signing a marriage license. The Peoples News has learned that the couple, whose up-and-down romance was chronicled in the early 90s documentary A Different World, has been living together … Continue reading

TPN‘s Trifling Reality Show Contestant of the Week

Jen from The Amazing Race She was not the worst racer ever. Just the most trifling. One week after trashing Chinese people IN CHINA who don’t speak English and having an embarrassing meltdown at the pool, Jen—racing alongside her big sister, Kisha, for ONE MILLION DOLLARS—does herself one better. Needing to finish in the top … Continue reading

Obama TV Show in the Works

By Craig Bates Clooney might play Obama’s righthand man (WASHINGTON D.C.) He’s always on some channel, somewhere. Now President Barack Obama is entertaining the idea of moonlighting on the small screen. He’s in talks to star in a new show with either NBC or HBO. “Look, I’m on television every night anyway,” Obama told The … Continue reading

TPN‘s Trifling Person of the Week: He-Said/She-Said

The Bachelor’s Jason Mesnick Shawna: What a jerk. He seemed like such a nice guy, and then he proposes to Melissa Rycroft, then dumps her on national TV–for another contestant, Molly Malaney. That’s the definition of trifling. Bill: But it is better that he let Melissa down now, rather than go through with a marriage … Continue reading

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