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Walking Dead‘s T-Dog: We Hardly Know You

By Craig Bates This says it all Walking Dead has been on how long, two seasons, right? The season debut of Season 3 is tonight. And T-Dog, played by IronE Singleton, has been around since the first episodes. OK, what does he do except get hurt or look on while Rick does something crazy? He’s … Continue reading

Biden vs Ryan: Debating the Debate

By Bob Meadows Despite what Biden kept saying, they’re not really friends The vice president debate has been swept into history’s closet, but before we let it go completely, I think we can all agree that the winner was the American viewer. We got to see an actual debate. Biden won, smirks and all, but … Continue reading

What’s On My Mind This Week

By Bob Meadows Hair dye and an inch of makeup can take years off—but I ain’t made at you, Prince Detroit and Google Street View don’t mix. Riding down a street on the city’s East Side, the camera van caught a guy pointing a gun from his porch. Naturally, the guy doesn’t have a shirt … Continue reading

Lakers vs Yankees: Who’s Better?

By Bob Meadows Who’s more dominant, Pinstripes or Purple Rain? What’s on my mind this week is something different than the usual stream of thoughts I list. At some point last basketball season, I was telling a buddy of mine that I was upset the Lakers weren’t in the hunt for the title. He had … Continue reading

What’s On My Mind This Week

By Bob Meadows Pointing the way for Obama I may lose my card, but Bill Clinton is still my favorite president. Obama should take some lessons from him. The man has more charisma than should be allowed. Seriously, how would 2000-2004 been different if he’d had a third term? I think we wouldn’t be in … Continue reading

On My Mind This Week

By Bob Meadows Artur n Play I don’t remember a word Artur Davis said during his speech at the Republican National Convention. The whole time he was onstage, these lyrics kept going through my mind: Rollin’ rollin’ roll with Kid n Play now. I’ve seen young cats with the fade, but why is a brother … Continue reading

On My Mind This Week

Condi plays the Masters (sort of) By Bob Meadows Nude politicians take on the Sea of Galilee and Condoleezza Rice joining August National Golf Club were two topics that had me—and you—buzzing this week GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder pulled a Prince Harry, stripping naked and jumping into the Sea of Galilee during a congressional field … Continue reading

Kobe Bryant Admits He’s No Michael Jordan

By Bob Meadows Kobe proves once more that he can’t live up to MJ (LOS ANGELES) Kobe Bryant stood before the podium this morning, at a loss for words. It was an uncharacteristic sight—the Laker guard is always good for a quote. But he never regained his composure, and only spoke afterward in an exclusive … Continue reading

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