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Christmas Moving To August Next Year

By Bob Meadows Jiminy and Merry Christmas at the family gathering in 1932. (HENDERSON, NC) The skittish economy has taken its toll on Christmas. Walter Christmas told The Peoples News that his family’s annual winter barbecue–which became so popular in the 1930s that it lent its name to the celebration of Jesus’ birth–will move to … Continue reading

Condi Regrets Sending Crips To Negotiate Mideast Peace

By Bill Matthews Rice and the ‘Criplomats’ held several meetings before flying to Israel. (WASHINGTON D.C.) In her upcoming autobiography, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice admits her only regret during her tenure was being unable to broker peace between Israel and Palestine. Her fatal error in the negotiations was bringing members of the Crips … Continue reading

TPN‘s Trifling Storyteller of the Week

Bethany Storro: Before and After Bethany Storro gained the nation’s sympathy after news broke that an unknown African-American woman had splashed acid on her face and vanished. People across the country rallied to raise money for her and even Oprah wanted to give her some airtime. But as it turns out, Bethany’s story was just … Continue reading

Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls… Somehow Has Light-Skinned Man Save the Day

By Shawna Collier The movie’s revealing promotional poster (ATLANTA) Tyler Perry pulled off an amazing feat in his version of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf: a light-skinned black man  saved all the nameless women. While all of Perry’s movies feature a light-skinned man rescuing a downtrodden damsel from … Continue reading

Is My Butt Out?

Commentary Free at last! I’m not a teenager. I’m not retarded. I have a job. I am educated. I know how to dress. I know how to use a belt. So, although I’m black and male and live in an urban area, I do not understand the fashion style that has plagued and embarrassed black … Continue reading

Earth to Prince: We Loves Us Some Internet

By Bill Matthews Two, or is it one, steps from crazy? (MINNEAPOLIS) Prince Rogers Nelson has made a career out of singing from the crotch, but now it seems like he’s decided to just be crotchety. The Artist Formerly Known As Relevant recently declared that the Internet is oh so yesterday and he wouldn’t use … Continue reading

Was Gary Coleman Ever Happy?

By Bob Meadows So young, so funny In the 24 years since Diff’rent Strokes went off the air, Gary Coleman never once seemed happy. That’s a real shame, because in the late 1970s, his TV guest appearances brought me so much joy. Really, they were something I couldn’t wait for. Good Times in 1978 was … Continue reading

Plot To Eat Blacks Is Uncovered

By Bill Matthews With just a few more pounds, she’ll be ready for harvesting. (BROOKLYN) An exhaustive, yearlong investigation by The Peoples News has revealed a deadly scheme to fatten up African Americans so that in a time of hardship, whites could use them as a food source. The nefarious plot was discovered after TPN … Continue reading

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