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Obama and Romney: Why Are They Still Campaigning?

By Xavier Muhammad

Only one more to go…thank God

Admit it: You’ve made up your mind. You probably did it in 2008, as soon as Obama won. Or 2009, when he signed Lilly Ledbetter. Or 2010 when Healthcare passed. Or 2011, when bin Laden ate those bullets. Or 2012, when Mitt got the GOP nod. Or some other point. But here’s what I’m guessing: You don’t need the endless ads or further verbal fisticuffs to figure out who you’ll pull the lever for come the first Tuesday in November.

So why go through all this shlock and circumstance? It can’t be just to sway that uncertain five percent, can it? That soccer mom in Ohio who just can’t decide. So why do we put our politicians through it? Maybe there was a time when voters really were confused at this point. Like maybe in 1996, a time when the election season did not begin two years before the actual election. Back then, perhaps the stretch run really was a time for debates and ads that could sway you left or right.

Those days are gone. With a 24-7 media that can’t find enough news to feed the beast, horse races instead fit the bill. Who will run, who will win, what are the odds of this person winning, when will that person make up their mind, blah blah blah. So two years prior, we know just about everything we want to know about who’s running and who isn’t. Once the election year arrives, all that’s left to do is vote. But no, we must endure this slog.

And it becomes so predictable. Conservative commentators lash out at the moderators for being rough with Romney. Liberal ones get on Romney for being rude to the president. Neither of them can see what I see—that it’s all just a game. Did you catch that Romney wore a blue tie at the last debate, while Obama wore red, flipping the colors they wore in the first debate. Know why? Because the candidates are interchangeable.

I recently took one of those online quizzes that tell you which candidate you more agree with. As it turns out, I agreed with one of them 76 percent of the time. The other? I agreed with him 68 percent of the time. That’s not a lot of difference, people. You know what it also shows: People are complex. Maybe you are a woman who supports abortion rights but also wants our borders to be tighter. Or you might be a guy who enjoys hunting but also doesn’t think the world will end if gays can marry. Tough to pigeonhole you. But that’s just it. Most of us aren’t what the Republicans and Democrats think we are: rabid, single-minded blowhards who VEHEMENTLY DEFEND EVERY SINGLE ISSUE. You know, like the Shouty McLoudypantses they have on FOX and MSNBC.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you haven’t long ago made up your mind. You’re a reasonable, intelligent person. You’ve got your candidate and you’re sticking by him. And all the attacks and counters and snippiness and bipartisan reports won’t sway you. What a waste of money all this is.

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One thought on “Obama and Romney: Why Are They Still Campaigning?

  1. SAY THAT!

    Posted by Suggie | October 19, 2012, 12:11 am

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