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Walking Dead‘s T-Dog: We Hardly Know You

By Craig Bates

This says it all

Walking Dead has been on how long, two seasons, right? The season debut of Season 3 is tonight. And T-Dog, played by IronE Singleton, has been around since the first episodes. OK, what does he do except get hurt or look on while Rick does something crazy?

He’s a real-life (so to speak) version of the character Keenan Ivory Wayans used to spoof back in the day on In Living Color, you know, the black guy who bumbles and fumbles while the white guy saves the day. T-Dog’s best moment so far was throwing up when he saw the baby car seat covered in blood and guts.

Maybe with his original tormentor, Merle, coming back this season (yay for racists!), we’ll get some character development for Dog. But I imagine the best scenes will be saved for Merle’s younger brother, Daryl, who is a much cooler character. Or at least the writers write him that way. T-Dog could have potential. But the writers seem bored with him. It happens. I understand.

So, they should let him die. Then let him resurrect. Then let him have his moment. A Sophia-shuffles-out-of-the-barn moment. A Shane-shoots-Otis-in-the-leg moment. Something spectacular, so the underused, under-appreciated Big Dog leaves us with something to remember him by.

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