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On My Mind This Week

By Bob Meadows

Artur n Play

  • I don’t remember a word Artur Davis said during his speech at the Republican National Convention. The whole time he was onstage, these lyrics kept going through my mind: Rollin’ rollin’ roll with Kid n Play now. I’ve seen young cats with the fade, but why is a brother who certainly already wore one back in the day trying to run with the hipsters? Let it go, AD!
  • Lots of posturing at the RNC. Did someone forget to tell Rick Santorum that he was supposed to talk about Mitt Romney? He set himself up nicely to lose the GOP nomination to Paul Ryan in 2016. But then Condi came on, and she sounds like someone who’s putting her name in the game too.
  • John Kasich lauded Mitt. Finally. Someone had to do it. “He was a great governor,” Kasich began, but didn’t add this part, “Especially when he passed healthcare.” Truth is a no-no at conventions. Watch the Dems ignore it next week.
  • For better or worse, my son is no longer vegan or even vegetarian. He threw down on some chicken. And you know what? He (now channeling Damon Wayans Men on Film impression that killed in 1990) hated it. But he’s only 7 months old. He has time to learn the way of the pecking beast.
  • What the hell is wrong with Japanese scientists? Their latest research involved testing helium gas on the vocal cords of gibbon monkeys. Just to do it. How do you even entice a monkey to suck on a party balloon? Hmm, if this happened stateside, which party do you think would fund such a thing?
  • Gabby Douglass’ teammates called her slave. Then people made fun of her hair. Ignore the haters, sweetie!
  • I watched Song of the South the other day. Hadn’t seen it since I was a kid, but it’s on youtube, and I was intrigued. Fact of the day: The guy who played magical Negro Uncle Remus was only 44 in that movie. He looks much older, kinda like how makeup made Sherman Hemsley’s George look as old as Isabel Sanford’s Weezy. But I digress. Knowing what I know now, Song’s depiction of the Reconstruction South gives me the creeps. The animated tales were fun, though.
  • Karine Percheron-Daniels, really? You’re an artist. You don’t live in America. But did you have to use Michelle Obama as a subject? Put her head on a topless woman? A topless slave? Sigh. Oh, what, you’ve done the same thing to Barack, and Princess Di, and other famous folks? This is your schtick? OK, carry on.
  • Gotta take a moment to say RIP to Neil Armstrong. You were a hero because of your smarts and your daring. Thank you for making the universe a smaller place.
  • Trifling Person of the Week: Randy Lee Tenly. I’m sorry he died. But running into the road dressed as Bigfoot? That’s just asking for someone to run you over and carry that with them for the rest of their days. Nice going, Randy. Suicide by Bigfoot is not a thing, and hopefully won’t become one.

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