A Black Guy Could Be President?

By Bob Meadows

Not presidential?

Here’s a graph from the Huffington Post recently:

At roughly noon on Tuesday, shortly after Gov. Rick Perry unveiled the tax policy platform for his presidential campaign, President Obama’s reelection team offered a response. The Texas Republican and top challenger to Mitt Romney wanted to “shift a greater share of taxes away from large corporations and the wealthiest onto the backs of the middle class,” the campaign’s press secretary, Ben LaBolt, emailed reporters.

Let’s repeat that: Rick Perry is the top challenger to Mitt Romney.

Here’s the opening sentence of a story elsewhere on the website:

Herman Cain is leading the Republican presidential primary race, according to a poll released Tuesday.

It’s almost as if folks don’t believe a black man can be president.

WTF? Cain’s star has been rising since early September. In a recent Zogby poll, he was leading Mitt Romney 38% to 18%. Yet Rick Perry is Mitt Romney’s top contender.

Indeed, many media pundits seem mystified that Cain, a straight-talking, black hat-wearing conservative, could prove more popular than the white men and women he is up against. Cain built a multi-million-dollar business from scratch and is a firm believer in capitalism and that everything President Obama does is wrong—the two chief tenets of conservative dogma.

Yet, those who are supposed to be in the know dismiss him.

In the GOP debates, Perry and Romney still stand at the center. So TV people don’t believe in Herman Cain either.

Certainly everyone knows Republicans and Tea Party folks are inherent racists who would never vote for anyone who wasn’t lily white. Just ask Allen West. Oh no wait, don’t. He’s black and in the House of Representatives…and a Republican the Tea Party suported. But surely he was elected only so Tea Party people can say they aren’t racists. Right?

Now I could care less about the tax code, so 9-9-9 means nothing to me. And I don’t think, as Mr. Cain said, that if you’re not rich it’s your own fault. And that smile he gives at the end of the Smoking Man ad is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. And yes, after Bachmann and Trump, the GOP field has seen its fair share of flavors of the month. H. Cain might be another. But Perry was a favorite flavor too, and he’s fallen way off since he burst on the scene.

Yet, Perry gets more props than Cain. He gets that middle spot beside Romney. He gets called the top challenger. As weird as it is, as weird as it sounds, I think it’s because people don’t think a black guy can be president.

Or is it just this black man. The way he looks. Is that what stops the media from giving him his due? Cain goes too far out of his way to say race has nothing to do with anything. So no, not race. But skin color. Ask this dark-skinned man about that sometime.

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16 thoughts on “A Black Guy Could Be President?

  1. So it is all about skin color, not policy? Very well done.

    The Peoples News responds: Don’t know, Mike. Why do you think the media can’t accept Herman Cain as a viable contender when Republicans can?

    Posted by MadMike | October 27, 2011, 11:07 am
  2. In this case, I don’t think it is about skin color because Ron Paul – who is Casper white – has the same problem as Cain. A poll after one of the debates showed him (Paul) as the winner by a pretty wide margin, but his performance was brushed aside in favor of the Perry v. Romney narrative.

    Cain has a lot of policy and ‘message’ problems that mostly seem to boil down to ignoring the idea that you should make things as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler – he kind of forgets the second part. For instance, his idea that legislation should not exceed 3 pages – most would agree that legislation should be easier to understand, but why 3 pages? Why not just say each piece of legislation can only address one issue – no piggybacking other unrelated legislation onto it – isn’t that the real problem? For the 9-9-9 plan, he was asked about whether it would increase taxes on the middle class and he said no, it’s just 9%. Then someone pointed out that with the other taxes the middle class pays, it would increase them and was he (Cain) saying that other tax is going away, and he said no, but by some magic, that wasn’t going to make the person’s taxes higher. So then he decides his plan is 9-0-9, and I couldn’t help but wonder whether he’d thought any of it through, and if not, why not make it 5-6-5 or 4-9-8 – just pick any 3 numbers and your tax policy is complete! And then he’s asked about abortion and he says the Government should stay out of people’s personal decisions, but not a week later says he’d fight to make abortion illegal – they can’t both be true, so which is it, what does he really stand for? And don’t get me started on ‘I wouldn’t appoint a Muslim’.

    From everything I’ve seen, this guy is all over the map and thinks in very simplistic terms, which I don’t think is good, considering the extremely complex issues the President faces every single day. He may appeal to the average person, but I don’t want the average person running my country. (Please forgive the long post, but the fact that this guy is polling as the frontrunner is insane.)

    The Peoples News responds: I put that part about the tax policy in bold cuz it made me laugh out loud!

    Posted by Anne | October 28, 2011, 12:42 pm
  3. I have read this article a couple times to find the satire. I’ll read it again. IMHO – it isn’t about race. The issue is the MEDIA! They loved Obama. Newscasters got wet just saying his name. Ooobamaaa! The media is liberal and BHO is liberal so, they love each other. The media and White House have used the race card every time they needed to squelch “policy-minded” people, but it isn’t really about race. Herman Cain is conservative, and not just conservative but anti-liberal. The problem? He is African-American for crying out loud. All African-American men are supposed to be democrats or…. in prison and unable to vote. The level of hypocrisy at which the media operates is astounding.
    The media is not giving Ron Paul much attention either and he is a rich white guy. But he is SO pro-life and … stable.
    I have not made up my mind in anyway but I am a Friend of Herman Cain!
    FYI – in August, on this very site, I posted “Allen West for President” and nobody backed me up! (just sayin’)

    Craig Bates responds: You’re right, Renee: not really satire. More of a frustration. One thing: you say the White House plays the race card? I’ve never heard Obama claim his race is the reason for any of the objections to him or his policies. I can’t recall his spokespersons saying anything like that either. Any examples?

    Posted by Renee | October 28, 2011, 2:14 pm
    • I have to agree with you (sorta) Craig. Obama and his spokesperson would never say that. In fact, they have said things to the contrary. But then, they don’t need to because the media takes care of it. So, in a way… I stand corrected.
      (I introduced Obama to friends and family early. In a search for more information I found his church, long before the media did. He is a racist, as I am sure many presidents were before him. Regardless, health care…. oh my word… don’t get me started!)
      Anyone surprised at the sexual harassment hoopla now surrounding Herman Cain. You know who comes to mind? Clarence Thomas. Another conservative black man.

      Craig says: Disappointed much more than surprised. Many men, especially of Mr. Cain’s generation, viewed and treated women differently. Just look at how they act in [the admittedly fictional] Mad Men. But this is politics, and your opponents will bring out everything they can find. I’m sure it was Rick Perry’s people who found the first case. That’s what they’re paid to do. I do wish, however, that Cain’s supporters would stop comparing this to lynching.

      Posted by Renee | November 2, 2011, 10:32 pm
      • Where is the smoking gun on this whole “Obama’s a racist” claim? Is it because his one-time preacher made a few controversial statements? Is it because Rush and a couple of conservative pundits say so? Does he also hate his white momma?

        Pretty silly if you ask me.

        Posted by Lou | November 8, 2011, 9:35 am
  4. …Man don’t you know Disney’s black princess is–oh, sorry wrong story. Carry on y’all, I’m going back over to the black princess story where the real party is at!!

    The Peoples News responds: Yes, the Princess story has been an evergreen, always popular, but it seems to be taking off again for some reason.

    Posted by Lou | November 1, 2011, 8:03 am
  5. And check out my buy 1, get the other 9 for 99 tax plan!

    Posted by Lou | November 1, 2011, 8:04 am
    • Lou, you have a problem with 9 9 9?
      Allow me a small rant. My husband quasi-retired a couple years ago. Which means, after 30 years, he had to close his retirement and start a new one because he continued to work. So he gets this chunk of money and I think we will pay off our mortgage and find some good investments. BUT! No! The government has a lot of rules and regulations. If we had kept, spent, used any of that money we would have to give the government more than 25% of it. Is that fair? So instead, we had to invest it. Putting it at risk. Guess what happened. The economy went south. Wall Street freaked and we lost about 40% of our money. Gone. Like it never existed. My husband does not have time to re-earn that money. It is just gone. I still have my mortgage though. We really need to simplify our tax code and since Cain is the only one with an original idea – you might give it a read. Don’t be prejudice and hate him because he is a conservative. Give the man a chance.

      Posted by Renee | November 4, 2011, 1:11 pm
  6. about as believable as an American Black presiedent

    Posted by trench49t | November 7, 2011, 3:25 pm
  7. Renee whenever I look into conservative tax reform proposals—I usually find them strongly biased in favor of corporations and the privileged. You or any of your acquaintances who have lost money in the recent nasty economic downturn have my deepest sympathies, but I find most Republican proposals to be dismally one-note.

    I’m sure we will never agree on this, but I believe our economy to be every bit as consumer based as it is capitalist based. When little people stop spending and are asked to carry a bigger portion of the load, everybody loses!


    Posted by Lou | November 8, 2011, 9:18 am
    • Capitalism and consumerism certainly do go hand-in-hand. There! We agree on that.
      This is what I perceive. Liberal minded people seem to think that there are rich people waiting in line to give their money away and the government just won’t take it. Every new tax or reform that is imposed is given directly to the lawyers and accountants of the ‘have’s to find the loopholes and exceptions. If they are financially oppressed in any way they find a way to make up for it by passing the burden on down to us, the middle class. I felt a lot better about trickle-down economics than this feeling that I am just being pissed on now.
      I certainly hope I did not give you the impression that I was a ‘have’ because my husband worked hard in all kinds of weather for 30 years to accumulate a retirement. We are not.

      Posted by Renee | November 8, 2011, 3:58 pm
      • Prosperity trickles up and down. There would be no oppurtunity for the wealthy to set up businesses if everyday consumers weren’t creating a demand.

        Posted by Lou | November 9, 2011, 7:42 am
  8. Lou – come on…. have you checked out Trinity’s web site. Look at the classes being offered. Read their mission statement. They pledge allegiance to Africa. It is an all black church. Can you imagine if a church’s selling point was ‘all white’. I go to church every week with people from all over the globe. Brazilians, Mexicans, Koreans, Philippinos, Russians…. and I mean they are actually from there. Black, white, brown, yellow… orange-ish. It is a little taste of heaven and it is very sweet.
    Obama is a racist. Just admit it. It’s not like he is the first one.

    Posted by Renee | November 8, 2011, 4:12 pm
    • Your church is the exception–not the rule. Morning worship is the most segregated aspect of the American experience. Does that mean everyone who goes to an exclusively black baptist or exclusively white Catholic church is also a racist? Trinity would often feature white guest preachers, so it’s not like they were practicing some kind of reverse Jim Crow policy. Again– your conclusion makes no since to me.

      Posted by Lou | November 9, 2011, 7:39 am
      • Lou – do you go to church? I am telling you the South may be the only place that churches are still segregated because the churches my children attend in Baltimore, Seattle, and Phoenix ; that my sisters attend in Michigan, Florida, and California, are all mixed up with peoples and colors. My experience is not one of separation. When my husband and son attended a Promise Keepers event in D.C. a few years back, they ended up being hosted by an all-black church in Alexandria, VA. (That’s when we found out our son couldn’t clap) The church wasn’t necessarily trying to be an all black church… they just were.
        However, I saw an article a few years back about a black Principal who was being fired for letting a student say a prayer over the intercom. From the names mentioned in the article I was able to get a hold of a parent from the school. She told me that this Principal was amazing with the students and that she knew him to be a very good and Godly man. I asked her “oh, so do you go to church together?” And there was dead silence on the end of the phone. Then she said in all seriousness. “We are in the south, blacks and whites don’t go to church together around here.”
        When you have a “Christian” church that is all about ‘blackness’ or “whiteness”, and not to heavy on the Good News of Jesus Christ – that doesn’t sound very ‘Christian” to me. And the concepts of we are all created in God’s image, and the ground is level at the foot of the cross… gets lost.

        Posted by Renee | November 9, 2011, 4:44 pm

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