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O.J. Thankful For Casey Anthony

By Bob Meadows (@BobEMeadows)

‘Most Hated’ no longer

(NEVADA) In an exclusive jailhouse interview with The Peoples News, O.J. Simpson said he wants to reach out to Casey Anthony.

“I’m so very thankful to her,” said the Juice. “Because I am no longer the most hated person in America.”

Simpson had held the MHPIA title since his 1995 acquittal for a murder he committed the year prior. His 16 years on top was good enough for third place behind MHPIA leader, Richard Nixon, who held the title from 1974 until his death 20 years later. Aaron Burr remains in second place.

“It was a good run, but I knew someone would eventually come along and take it,” Simpson said. “I’m happy to hand her the crown.”

Anthony is scheduled to visit Simpson tomorrow to pick up the diamond encrusted crown, which the ex-NFL star was allowed to keep when he went to prison.

White nationalist groups were particularly excited with Anthony overtaking Simpson.

“We’ve lost so much in this country. The presidency, the NBA, Congressional seats in Detroit, that it’s good to take something back,” said Robert O’Sullivan, of the Northeast White Pride. “This is the first step in reclaiming what’s rightfully ours!”

Anthony, who killed her toddler daughter, took Simpson’s title without even promising to search for her daughter’s ‘actual’ killer on golf courses around the country. Simpson made that very promise—or something like it—after a jury found him not guilty of killing his ex-wife, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman.

“I can’t believe I said that with a straight face,” Simpson recalled this morning with a chuckle. “Classic O.J.”

He eventually went to jail for the double murder, though his sentence was for something else no one really remembers.

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One thought on “O.J. Thankful For Casey Anthony

  1. Arnold and Anthony Weiner are even more grateful.

    Next order of business—finding a job for all these damn protesters.

    Posted by Lou | July 7, 2011, 8:41 am

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