Casey Anthony Goes Free—It’s Racist!

By Bill Matthews (@The_PeoplesNews)

If she’d been black, she’d really have something to cry about!

(ORLANDO) Black people around the country are outraged with the verdict that set Casey Anthony free.

They don’t mind that she was acquitted of killing her daughter. They just don’t like that a white woman got off for murder.

“If her name had been Lekesha Anthony, she’d be under the jail,” Murphdogg Keefe told The Peoples News. “Unless, of course, she was a white woman named Lekesha. Then she would have gone free and that really grinds my gears.”

Actually, had Anthony been black, there would have been no outrage, as there wouldn’t have been any media attention on the case.

“That’s a cop out attitude,” insisted Neecee Johnson, who led a protest outside the court house where Anthony was acquitted. “Black people can never get justice in this country, but white people are always going free.”

The verdict brought an end to a case that riveted white people. Caylee disappeared in June 2008, after Casey Anthony killed her. Caylee’s decomposed body was found that December in woods near the Anthony home, as Casey didn’t walk very far to bury her.

Prosecutors contended that Caylee was suffocated with duct tape by a mother who loved to party. They said Anthony tattooed herself with the Italian words for “beautiful life” in the month her daughter was missing and crafted elaborate lies to mislead everyone, including her own parents. With the seven-week trial in session during the holiday weekend, the jury got the case Monday—and reached a verdict Tuesday after deliberating for less than 11 hours.

Anthony, 25, wept after the clerk read the verdict. As soon as jurors left the courtroom, she tightly hugged defense lawyer Jose Baez, then the rest of her defense team.

“Casey did not murder Caylee; it’s just that simple,” Baez said.

Not to black people. They grew even angrier when reminded that O.J. Simpson went free even though he murdered his wife and her boyfriend.

“First of all, that was one of the greatest days of my life when O.J. got away with killing them white people,” yelled Sindiswa Caffe, as she simultaneously rolled her neck and eyes. “Secondly, as the subsequent years proved, O.J. wasn’t black. He was a rich man who had light brown skin. He doesn’t count.”

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6 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Goes Free—It’s Racist!

  1. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. The first thing I told my husband was, if Casey was not caucasian, she wouldn’t have walked. I’d bet the farm that the jury was of like complexion. Heck, I am caucasian and I saw this a mile away. Justice was not served.

    Posted by anonymous | July 6, 2011, 12:18 am
  2. Once again this site has hit on a fundamental truth that will escape most
    of it’s readers. If you were cool with the O.J thing, you got no business
    getting all bent out of shape over this mess. And yes, if this was a little
    black kid it wouldn’t have made it past the local six o’clock news.

    Posted by Lou | July 6, 2011, 8:18 am
  3. Let me just say… I was so excited to see “The Peoples News” in my e-mail inbox. I stopped by a couple days ago and looked around. I couldn’t find anyone. I was afraid something had happened to ya’ll. It is scary when someone disappears. I was getting ready to call the cops because I love you and care for you. That is the normal response to situations like that. If someone you love is missing…. you call the authorities. Unless you have something to hide. Which I don’t.
    But then here you are, alive and well. Awesome.

    The Peoples News responds: We have been away for a while—day jobs, you know—but we will attempt to stick around, Renee, if in a bit of a different fashion than before. Glad you’re back, and we won’t even mention that you only considered calling the cops six months after we disappeared!

    Posted by Renee | July 6, 2011, 9:43 am
  4. Well I’m a white person and I totally don’t understand how this happened. I also agree that if she had been a little black girl, it might not even have made the local paper. It sucks, it’s racist. The state of the media these days is disgraceful.

    Posted by janie | July 6, 2011, 9:58 am

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