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TPN‘s Trifling Bitch of the Week

Ieshuh Griffin

I love people who have pride. I love people who want to serve the community.

But Jesus take the…no wait…even Jesus couldn’t steer this car. Have you heard her story? She’s running for representative in Glendale, Wisconsin and, since the state allows candidates to have a five -word slogan beside their name,  Ieshuh chose hers. And this is where the vehicle begins careening.

Not the white man’s bitch.

That’s what she chose. Not the white man’s bitch. Great. So…is she the white woman’s bitch? The black man’s bitch? The Asian transsexual’s bitch? The governing board decided her slogan was inappropriate…so Ieshuh, of course, sued. And now her trifling ass is getting way more attention than she deserves.

Ieshuh, honey, when you’re behind in a race, you have to run faster than the person ahead of you, not half step. Sad, sad, sad.

–Shawna Collier

© 2010 The Peoples News



One thought on “TPN‘s Trifling Bitch of the Week

  1. “Ieshuh” – this name would never get through committee today!

    Posted by Renee | July 23, 2010, 7:42 pm

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