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TPN‘s Trifling Person of 2004

Chris Rock

I love satire and I love the outrageous Rock. But this video, recorded by the comedian in 2004 (hence the spoof of Outkast’s then mega-hit Hey Ya) but unreleased til now, is some of the most offensive dreck I’ve seen. I don’t even want to repeat its name, but I hope it’s one of those things he looks back on like What was I thinking? Even so, he’s trifling for having done it in the first place.

Watch it here, then come back and tell me what you think—but I think I’ve found the reason why everybody hates Chris.

—Xavier Muhammad

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4 thoughts on “TPN‘s Trifling Person of 2004

  1. Shit was funny.

    Posted by Jeffrey Williams | April 5, 2010, 8:22 am
  2. Isn’t “satire” supposed to be funny on some level? Total fail.

    Posted by Stephan | April 5, 2010, 1:49 pm
  3. um… it was kinda funny… full of stereo typing and completely politically incorrect but… he is black so he can use the ‘n-word’ anytime he wants and it can’t be offensive.
    This is America, if you wanna be a hater, you have every right…. I personally don’t have time for it.
    I’m sure this video had a large audience, black and white.
    I imagine some black man found it to be deep, true, and heart felt, others probably just laughed really hard.
    It probably gave some white men new reasons to wear a hood and other crackers probably just laughed really hard.
    I think the vast majority of people saw it once and then went on with their lives. That’s what I’m gonna do.

    Posted by Renee | May 9, 2010, 10:41 am
  4. Sorry but that was funny. Think of it as collateral damage for Dr. Laura and Michael Richards!

    Posted by Aimee | November 10, 2010, 7:45 pm

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