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TPN‘s Trifling Crazy Person of the Week

Jorge Garcia

I had to come out of retirement for this one.

Jorge, you see, was standing in the middle of the road one morning screaming profanities. Sure, we’ve all been there. But when he wouldn’t quiet down, cops moved in to arrest him, Tasers drawn. Jorge climbed in his car and used an infant to shield himself, repeatedly saying  “Tase the baby.” Good lord.

The baby wasn’t harmed, thank God. Garcia was arrested, but let us all join hands and pray that this fool won’t have anything to do with raising the infant.

—Xavier Muhammad

© 2010 The Peoples News



One thought on “TPN‘s Trifling Crazy Person of the Week

  1. Reading this I was stunned, and then I saw the “satire” notice below it. So I was a bit confused until I looked up a news article about the event – what a complete and utter loser. Apparently once the baby was taken to safety his wife threw herself between him and the police, to prevent him from getting tased.

    Honestly, there ain’t enough love in the world for me to take a taser for anyone, much less a coward who would use a baby as a shield.

    Xavier Muhammad responds: Sorry for the confusion, Ophelia. I hadn’t written one of these in so long that I forgot they don’t take the ‘satire’ tag.

    Posted by Ophelia | January 8, 2010, 9:36 am

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