Cleveland Indians To Adopt Even More Offensive Mascot

By Bill Matthews

Chief SloshySloshy (left) will replace lovable Chief Wahoo

(CLEVELAND) There will be a big change for the Cleveland Indians next year.

No, the team isn’t planning on actually winning the World Series (something it hasn’t done since 1948). The squad will have a new mascot.  Instead of Chief Wahoo, a cartoon depiction of a Native American, the team plans to adopt a mascot that’s even more offensive.

Meet Sloshy the Drunk Mohican.

“We felt that Chief Wahoo just didn’t go far enough in offenind people while at the same time being representative of what the Cleveland Indians are all about,” said team president Todd Marinovich. “We also are extremely optimistic about Sloshy’s marketing potential.”

Native Americans, who have long protested Chief Wahoo as a negative caricature, are at a loss for words.

“We didn’t think they could actually go any further,” said activist Victor Belle.

Many athletic teams have dropped Native American names and logos in recent years. But the Indians feel that is just politically correct posturing.

“We’ve been the Indians for as long as anyone can remember,” Marinovich said. “We shouldn’t break our traditions of having a cartoon Indian as our mascot. ”

Marinovich pointed to Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish leprechaun as a proud  example of a grotesquely cartoonish mascots.

“You don’t hear leprechauns complaining about the depiction,” he said. “People need to take a joke, like the Cleveland Indians have always been.”

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One thought on “Cleveland Indians To Adopt Even More Offensive Mascot

  1. Let’s hear it for the Chicago African American Hawks!

    Posted by Ed | September 29, 2009, 8:11 am

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