TPN‘s Trifling Hoofers of the Week

soul-danceBlack People Who Dance

OK, black people, listen up. I have had enough of all these nonblack people posting videos on youtube, dancing in the most challenged way possible, but still getting shout outs on The Today Show. What about us? We get married. We get down. Stop being trifling and put the two together. No stepping. No grinding. No showing off the thong under your white dress. (Or, ugh, your tuxedo). Do something choreographed, do something fun. And yes, I know the problem we face: it will be so good that it will look professional rather than as if beer bongs were somewhere involved in the preparation. But so what. Get to it! Let’s get Matt and Meredith and Al talking.

—Xavier Muhammad

© 2009 The Peoples News



2 thoughts on “TPN‘s Trifling Hoofers of the Week

  1. :ahaha: I saw the “viral” video of the lumps flailing down the aisle, and wondered, WTH was all the hype about?

    Frankly I would love to see a big Southern wedding that starts with fourteen bridesmaids steppin’ down the aisle. That would make me more inclined to go to weddings 😀

    Posted by Ophelia | July 31, 2009, 7:24 am
  2. You have a blatantly racist website. The neo-con right wing must love you guys. Your contempt for African Americans and their culture is despicable. It’s only a matter of time before you are exposed to the news media for this kind of hate. You’re already on the radar screens of several groups that expose bigots like you.

    Posted by Strut Cocklsy | September 15, 2009, 7:08 pm

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